President's Message

Dear Members and Friends:

I hope you all had a restful summer and enjoyed the very warm weather. We closed for a few weeks in July, as we do every year, for repairs and maintenance and for staff to have a little break. Board members Helmut Schoderbock, Mike Rogi, Gerhard Pflug and Peter McCormick helped with a sizeable renovation for our office stairway entrance. Many thanks to them for their hard work!

In the office, we welcomed a new staff member, Monika. She will be taking over some of the administrative duties, bookings and a long list of additional tasks that Christiane has shouldered over the past few years. Due to the pandemic and even before then, our staff worked to make sure that guests and members have had the best experience. Christiane, after three decades at the club, will be retiring. She has been a pillar of this club and I could not work without her.

Over the year and this summer, we have sadly lost some long-time members who we miss dearly. I do not want to miss mentioning anyone and cause upset, but I want to mention a few friends of mine who we recently lost, Bertl Hammerling, Frank Schlossar and Johann Marx. They were long-time supporters of the club will be greatly missed. Hans Marx was a founding club member, and as a master cabinet-maker, built the tables in the lounge and restaurant, serving station and even my desk upstairs. This is a club of people, volunteers and friends, and the tables we meet around now to celebrate or enjoy a beer, he built. I wish to thank all our wonderful volunteers and members who have built this club. For all those we have lost, I hope their friends and loved ones will continue to join us at the club and keep happy memories alive.

On Saturday, September 10th we are hosting an annual membership luncheon, tickets are $27 including GST and I hope you will join us!

We are happy to see you all again and appreciate your support.
Best regards, Frank Meixner, President

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